August 7, 2010

Dan Jesperson's Punch Out

VIDEO #129
Sound Effects from Mike Tyson's Punch Out
For those who remember the old Nintendo game, "Mike Tyson's Punch Out," let me just say, this game is awesome. I never could beat Tyson, nor could I beat the guy before him, but I did witness them go down in defeat to some really dedicated gamers. It was beautiful. I had my hand in a recent, real life experience on set with a stunt guy. I asked him to show me his best move. He agreed. It seems that I was too close to this young kung fu master and there, I would feel the wrath of his heavy foot. This happened twice. I am actually still on the ground in agony... but the blog must go on. By posting this video, I feel that I too, have found victory. Sweet, sweet victory.

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