August 31, 2010

Physical Challenge: Pull Ups

VIDEO #153
Song - "You Spin Me Right Round" by Boy George
I have been practicing the door frame pull-up for months now and thought I'd see how many I could do. I gave myself a random goal of 71 consecutive which I found was easier than I had expected. I know it might be some time before I can get to that all important 100 mark, so for now I will enjoy my accomplished 71. It's weird, you'd think I would look and feel stronger from doing so many after all these months? Hummmm?

August 30, 2010

Le Car Commercial

VIDEO #152
Volkswagon Commercial Song
Playing with toys again on a dirty floor. Now it's time for a good sweeping. Oh, and I apologize ahead of time if this song gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day. I know it's stuck in mine. I should be more careful on my song selection, it could ruin lives.

August 29, 2010

Adventures of Floating Head: Intro

VIDEO #151
Library Polka Tune
Floating Head is making his big debut here on the blog so make sure to check back soon so you can follow him on his amazing adventures!

August 28, 2010

Everyone Loves A Ritz

VIDEO #150
Song - "Puttin' On The Ritz" by Ella Fitzgerald
What better way to celebrate one hundred and fifty videos than a little poop humor and more talking birds? There is no better way, yeah... that's what I thought too. Enjoy!

August 27, 2010

Organics To You

VIDEO #149
Song - "Loud Pipes" by Ratatat
What is better than getting fresh, organic produce delivered right to your doorstep every other week? Ok are you ready..? Eating it!

August 26, 2010

Deck Ducks

VIDEO #148
Song - "Pressure Drop" by Toots and the Maytals
Our favorite summer spot down at The Deck is flocking with ducks, geese and an amazing red billed swan. The swan seems to be a vegetarian and diets on Ritz and shredded iceberg lettuce. The others prefer the shrimp cocktail, hold the cocktail sauce.

August 25, 2010

Rebar Finds Jesus

VIDEO #147
Library Music
After all these years of searching, Rebar finally found Jesus. So what happens when you find Jesus? Well, have a look and see for yourself.

August 24, 2010

The Feeder

VIDEO #146
Song - "Golden Age" by Beach Fossils
Our backyard feeder is a huge hit with the local birds. This little guy is a regular at our treat barn and what makes him special is that he speaks english in a southern accent. Sure parrots are cool too, but this guy has a little more personality than your typical toucan.

August 23, 2010

Special Forces

VIDEO #145

Song - Gettysburg Theme and Apocalypse Now Theme

I wanted to clean out the pool the other day just in case we were to have company over and an in prompt to pool party happened. It's one of our attractions in the backyard. Again, I grabbed a handful of toys and showed them that I'm no force to mess with.

Watch in HIGH DEF

August 21, 2010

The World's Largest Tomato

VIDEO #143
The Haspersone Brothers have grown the world's largest tomato and are headed to the State Fair for their major award. Wish them good luck in getting big red there in one piece!

August 20, 2010

Fortune Cookies

VIDEO #142
Song - "Little Dragon" by Chinese Folk Music
The Lucky House restaurant is home to the most honest fortune cookies in town. If you ever need answers to life's questions, head on over to the Lucky House for a fortune cookie. Let the cookie be your guide.

August 19, 2010

Kung Fu Katana

VIDEO #141
Team Fortress Soundtrack
I want to show you what Katana is capable of, just so everyone out there knows not to mess with her when she's wielding an oversized knife. Take it from me, three fingers and a toe later, I'll be the first to warn you. And yes, we have a miniature graveyard in the backyard for severed extremities.

August 18, 2010

Surprise Party

VIDEO #140
Songs - "Happy Birthday" by Jimi Hendrix, "It's Your Birthday" by R Kelly, "Happy Birthday in the Club" 50 Cent Remix, "Happy Birthday to You" by Frank Sinatra
Our good friend Bree turned 30 years young yesterday and to celebrate, Chadd organized a surprise party. Bree knew something was up but wasn't 100% on what was going to go down. We had quite the night which ended with karaoke that didn't make this edit as I felt the embarrassment from singing Lionel Richie's "I don't know much," could have ruined my life forever. To a great evening with awesome friends, thanks and Happy Birthday Bree.

August 17, 2010

"Last Days" Casting

VIDEO #139
Here's a treat for you from the archives, recut from its original 16 minutes. Back when Director, Gus Van Sant was casting his latest movie at the time, "Last Days," my hilarious friend Kai and I set out for the street to interview the locals. We posed as a fictitious television show, "UVTV." We had no trouble getting an almost all access pass to film and harass the event. If you want to see the full version you'll have to come on over sometime and check it out. It's amazing.

August 16, 2010

Big Kiddie Pool

VIDEO #138
Song - "Swimming Pool" by Lucky Luciano
The heat wave is still strong and the sun hats from the day before aren't quite cutting it. We decided to hit the club house pool by 10am, which was perfect. Greyhounds for breakfast, followed by a bloody and a pi ña colada seemed like a good idea, and that it was! Even as the day became sweltering hot and more screaming children showed up, there was a steady tingling sensation that carried on through the day which made everything nice and mellow. Unfortunately the nice tingling sensation turned into a headache this morning and I had to relive the pool experience in this edit without the medication that started off yesterday. It's a rough life.

August 15, 2010

Heat Wave Hats

VIDEO #137
Song - "Little Green Bag" by George Baker
The heat is on in the Pacific Northwest these days! One way to treat a high 90 degree day is by heading to the river with your favorite sun hats and letting it all hang loose. We were lucky to get free hats at Beaches restaurant and bar in "The Couve" (Vancouver, WA), head down to the big drink and dunk in for a short spell in tune to the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack. Me and my ladies with the sun hats... that's pimp!

August 14, 2010

The Car Wash

VIDEO #136
Song - "Car Wash" by Rose Royce
I busted out the short-cut blue trunks for all the ladies while I gave the Subaru a backyard spray and wash. This is a sexy as it gets folks... so hot.

August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th

VIDEO #135
Friday the 13th Theme
As funny as this video may seem, everyday while I'm in the shower, Katana comes in the bathroom and shows me the calender while wearing my old hockey mask and oil drenched suede coat so I know what day of the week it is. Yes, this happens everyday, every morning. It's just something cute the two of us do. Well, it comes off that I'm quite frightened in the video but it was simply that I bumped the water from hot to extremely cold. I'm not going to let it embarrass me too much. Anyway, happy Friday the 13th to you all!

August 12, 2010

Cooking with Katana: Blackberries

VIDEO #134
Song - "Blackberry Winter" by Aram
After exploring the area more, we are finding little edible bonuses around the neighborhood. On a what-should-be road, instead footpath, live cherry sized plums and delicious crab apples. Also, there are tons of blackberries down the road where Katana and I grabbed tubs and headed out for a little urban foraging. The final result, little blackberry pies or tarts if you will. Ummmmm, delicious!

August 11, 2010

Camera Fun #01

VIDEO #133
Song - "Track 11" by Chinese Singalong
Playing around with multiple exposures and pictures again, kind of a cool effect here with the picture frame transitioning each room I enter. More camera fun to come!

August 10, 2010

Advertising with Gringo

VIDEO #132
Song - "Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros" by Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan
Gringo is on the up and up these days and is headed for the big time. Little by little, he is making his mark from town to town and soon, he might just stop off to your town for a tasty taco treat or a belly busting burrito. Ole!

August 9, 2010

Taxi Cab Confessions with Sarah Palin

VIDEO #131
Song - "Flynn" by Ratatat
Back in the day I left my video camera in a New York cab and amazing enough, it was delivered through the mail the other day! I just went through the footage and it showed the camera was recording long after I left the cab. Wait, it gets better! Sarah Palin shared the same cab! Yeah, and she tells all to the driver, have a listen.

August 8, 2010


VIDEO #130
Song - "Procession" by Adam Hurst
My recent flight from Portland to Los Angeles had beautiful scenery on a great day which made it peaceful, yet kind of eerie as I had a soundtrack in my head from amazing cellist, Adam Hurst who performed to travelers in Portland's airport terminal. It really made the flight, thanks Adam... I'm enjoying your CD!

August 7, 2010

Dan Jesperson's Punch Out

VIDEO #129
Sound Effects from Mike Tyson's Punch Out
For those who remember the old Nintendo game, "Mike Tyson's Punch Out," let me just say, this game is awesome. I never could beat Tyson, nor could I beat the guy before him, but I did witness them go down in defeat to some really dedicated gamers. It was beautiful. I had my hand in a recent, real life experience on set with a stunt guy. I asked him to show me his best move. He agreed. It seems that I was too close to this young kung fu master and there, I would feel the wrath of his heavy foot. This happened twice. I am actually still on the ground in agony... but the blog must go on. By posting this video, I feel that I too, have found victory. Sweet, sweet victory.

August 6, 2010

Da Bulls

VIDEO #128
Song - "Old Macdonald Had a Farm"
The last of the rodeo films come to a close with a very special video with talking and pooping bulls. Enjoy.

August 5, 2010

Three Men and a Shower

VIDEO #127
Song - Halloween Soundtrack and Three Men in a Tub
There's nothing like getting into a fancy steam room/shower with a bunch of guys and hanging out for a couple hours. Nothing like it. The repercussions of this could be that you back up the sewer system, causing the toilets to overflow and "stuff" to rise through the drains in the showers, especially the steam room/shower. The night becomes late and you might cross your fingers the problems fix themselves only to find that in the early morning, "matters" are worse and the bathroom you'd like to use will not provide you with the proper functions. Just saying, that could happen.

August 4, 2010

The Hills Have Pools

VIDEO #126
Song - "Matilda" by Harry Belafonte and "Bombtrack" by R.A.T.M.
The Hills in Los Angeles is home to some of the fanciest celebrities in the country. It's a place of status and class, shiny Hummers and Beemers, poodles wearing clothes and makeup faced joggers. Yes, this is what the American Dream is all about. To make things fun for these high end hill toppers, we decided to give the locals a show by jumping and screaming from the rooftop into the extravagant salt water pool for hours and hours until the horizon went from hazy pollution to the black of night. It is 9pm right now, almost time to do it all over again!

August 3, 2010

Gringo Gets Pampered

VIDEO #125
Mexican Collection of Sound
Gringo gets his first pedicure and seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed it. Not many Gringos out there can say they've been pampered this good before, and for that, I am sure Gringo feels lucky. Of course, he will now and forever be remembered as the girly Gringo, but Gringo told me "es bueno."

August 2, 2010

Simple Pleasures

VIDEO #124
Song - "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by George Strait
We have a brand new, beautiful sidewalk in front of the house which brings a new afternoon activity, fun for the whole family. I'm sure after watching this you will be engaged to grab your bucket of sidewalk chalk and head on over. We will see you all soon! Oh, just so happens this is the second video in a row with a George Strait song. Weird coincidence? Or is it that George and I are on some strange parallel that involve milk and sidewalks? No one knows.

August 1, 2010

The Milkman

VIDEO #123
Song - "Milk Cow Blues" by George Strait
I think I may have just become lactose intolerant after this video. Oh what I will do for a video of the day. Even after hosing off in the yard and a long shower, I smell whole milk. It hurts.