December 29, 2012

Sledding with the Ladies

VIDEO #399
No matter who you are and what ever your age, sledding is one of those activities that is hard to do without laughing out loud. Family and friends headed to what I call "Chaos Mountain" up in Government Camp for a little snow play. I did not capture much footage from the day because it was that much fun, very little time for filming. By the end of our time at Chaos Mountain, all left with perma-grins and many have the bruises to prove it. Viva, El Caos Montana!

November 12, 2012

BMX in the Butte

VIDEO #398
Wandering into Rocky Butte the other morning for an unrelated project, I had the pleasure to film two die hard riders throwing it down on "Oregon's BMX sanctuary in the woods." Minus the highway noise, it is just that. I recommend the visit to the track and continue the hike into the deep forest. Beautiful and spooky at the same time, just how I like it.

November 7, 2012

Floating the Snake: 5 Days with Brother

VIDEO #397
A great float down the Snake River in Hell's Canyon filled with many memories not all captured on tape, but here are a couple moments. Thanks for the trip, brother. I hope to make it annually.

October 9, 2012

First Dance: Kelsey & Adam

VIDEO #396
Congratulations to Kelsey and Adam on their wedding day! A beautiful, happy couple sharing their first dance together. May there be 1 million more just like it.
Photography by Katana Triplett Photography:

September 14, 2012

Larch Mountain Hike

VIDEO #395
Larch Mountain, an extinct volcano in the Cascades, has an amazing view (Sherrard's Point) which, on a clear day, you'll see Mt St. Helens, Hood, Adams, Rainier and Jefferson. If you have it in you to take the roundtrip hike down to Multnomah Falls and back, you will be sore in the morning. More than 14 miles and a 4000+ elevation gain, it's no joke. Worth the effort, especially if it's a clear day.

I just researched what bear poop looks like and it confirms I was hot on the trail of a big motha with a whole lotta poo which was nice and fresh. With that being said, don't hike alone and if you do, bring your kung fu skills!
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September 11, 2012

Canon Photo Contest - PLEASE VOTE

I am a finalist in a Canon Photo Project and need your votes for the next round. This is my photo & if you could click the VOTE box when you scroll over the bottom of my photo, you would make my day!!!


You can vote once, each day until Sept. 24th. 

I would appreciate the support from you and your friends!

Thanks again everyone!

August 23, 2012

Recap Video: Crystal and Mac's Wedding

VIDEO #394
Congrats to Crystal and Mac on their wedding day, and what a beautiful day it was. This is the recap from the dvd which runs approx. 30 minutes not including bonus material.

August 10, 2012

People in the Attic

VIDEO #393
It's getting worse over there. This time she's called the police on herself, claiming there are people in her attic and they won't leave. Apparently, three people are up in the attic watching television and having sex on the bed up there (as I quote from the dialogue of the day). As you would suspect, no one was in the attic. To make matters more interesting, she then focuses on a new problem. In an instant, she believes broken glass is covering her legs and has an extremely painful break in her leg with blood everywhere. Enter fire department. No signs of glass or blood. No signs of a broken bone. She demands emergency attention. Enter emergency response. By now we've got the entire staff of Portland's finest across the street tending to a hallucination. Great use of our tax money at work. I'll look for the bill in the mail for her ambulance ride. To conclude, she was back in action the same the evening, shouting "Someone please call 911" followed by rants of rage focused on these people in the attic. Great entertainment, too good to have it interrupted by law enforcement. It gives me a whole new appreciation to the phrase by the great Hunter S. Thompson / Johnny Depp character, "...not yet, I want to study its habits." And yes, that is the opening theme song to the Goonies.

July 26, 2012

Pills and Tittys

VIDEO #392
She is at it again.... again. This time, around 10:30am, her "boyfriend" seems to take off with her pills (Phenergan which is an allergy medicine must be code for meth, speed, crack, smack or quack. She couldn't possibly have allergies THAT BAD!). Loads of fun for the whole family, but please, on a serious note, don't do meth. You'll be pissing yourself and showing your boobies to the neighbors before you know it.

Side note: "Jesse" had to go back to the house right after this incident because he forgot his wallet inside. Bad planning Jesse, bad planning.
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June 17, 2012

A Karate Kid Kind of Fathers Day

VIDEO #391
Song - "Father & Son" by Cat Stevens
(Audio compiled from 4 karate kid movies creates an all new scene between Mr. Miyagi and Danielson who set out on the Sandy River where Danielson will learn how to become a successful fisherman.)

Recently, one fine day in Portland, I came across an old wooden boat model which instantly reminded me of my Dad. He took us boys out on the lake and taught us how to fish. My first rod and reel was a tiny Snoopy pole. I remember a Northern Pike, equal in size to myself sinking my bobber, almost ejecting me from the boat. Thanks to my Dad, I lived to fish another day. 
Around the same time, my nickname was Danielson given to me from the film, Karate Kid. I had the action figures, karate hat I wore if not sporting my Looney Tunes hat and the occasional "Happy Birthday Danielson" birthday cake. It got out of control.
Over 25 years later, a happy accident of finding that wooden boat and my Dad making sure I took the Karate Kid action figures back home to Portland, a perfect fit for a scene that didn't take place in the movies, but kind of did in my own life, came to form. So, here you go Dad, a fun, short little video just for you on Father's Day. Thank you for being my Mr. Miyagi. I love you and you will always be my best buddy.

June 1, 2012

Into The Elements

VIDEO #390
Here is a little video montage from some of my favorite locations from the Video of the Day.
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May 11, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

VIDEO #389
Here's a little video from the recent Maui trip where summer weather seems to tease you more often than here in the Pacific Northwest. The good news is the extended forecast looks very promising and our dog days of summer might finally be here.
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May 6, 2012

The Super Moon 2012

VIDEO #388
05/05/2012 - If you missed the "Super Moon" last night, here's a chance to see it, exactly as it happened. Pulsating vivid lunar hues, exploding light emissions and fiery cosmic ash were only a few thing I caught on tape. I wish I would have had more film to capture the moon colliding with the space station. That would have been something.

May 4, 2012

Adventure with Kira

VIDEO #387
Let's take a tour of Oregon from the point of view from Kira, a great filmmaker, an excellent host and a super cool niece. Good job Kira! - Uncle Dan

March 19, 2012

Meet the Guppies!

VIDEO #385
2 new additions to the family, Fish and Chip - the guppies, who apparently, will be proud parents of a whole gang of guppies if all goes well. No signs just yet but we will keep you posted!

March 14, 2012

Amazing Race, Pick Ashley and Angie!

VIDEO #384
Ashley and Angie are two tough women living in Portland, Oregon and need your help to get noticed for the next season of The Amazing Race! They won't let you down if they get picked so please show your support by "liking" or commenting here on youtube! Thank you and wish them luck!

March 13, 2012

I Want to Ride my Bicycle!

VIDEO #383
Long Beach Washington Discovery Coast trail, a good place for biking with friends and acting a little awesome! Stay at the Adrift Hotel right on the beach, use the complimentary bikes and ride where you'd like!

March 12, 2012

Black Rock - Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii

VIDEO #382
My recent visit to Maui was just what the doctor ordered. Beautiful beaches and warm weather fixed my Portland grey sky sadness right up. I highly recommend the trip if you can take it in the winter!

February 9, 2012


VIDEO #381
This video goes out to my neighbors who recently lost their sweet little buddy, Sasha. This was the one video I had from stopping by last Thursday to let them out to enjoy the weather and have a quick number 2. What a duo. So sorry for your loss, neighbors. Hopefully this video brings you two a smile. By the way, I have no idea what the dialogue is here. I think that might be how pugs hear us silly humans.