September 29, 2010

iMac Canoe

VIDEO #182
Song - "Don't Rock My Boat" by Bob Marley
OK... are you excited?...... Are you ready??!!!! Today is video 182.0 which means tomorrow is video #183.0. Are you with me???! We are excited because in 1.0 years there are 365.0 days. Split that, and you have 182.5 days. Are we on track yet????? Well, tomorrow will be 183 dangerously great videos with amazingly, fantastic memories which will round out todays in the "first time ever, two parter" that has a "second part finished"... video. Whooooaaaa!

It was a perfect day with great friends surrounding me. It feels great that,... if you were to be so brave and watch the last 181 videos right now, (which might mean you would miss work tomorrow), you would see that there have been very random, but great days, ... everyday in its own way. Whether you're completely obsessed like me and film a part of it or you store a minute here and there in the old memory bank... try and remember each day is open to your agenda... make something fun happen every now and then. It's worth it sometimes:)

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