February 7, 2011

The Man Spa

VIDEO #313
A Relaxation Medley to cure your case of the Mondays
A week ago, I had a case of the mondays. This week, I wouldn't have that. This monday is meditation monday and I put together this whacky video which started out really funny, then turned super weird. Hey, go with it... let the voices be your guide!


  1. ah . . . gee, thanx. I needed that, I think.

    anyway, it reminds me of a Super 8 movie your Dad & I made and won a 1970 UMD Art Department Certificate of Outstanding Merit Award.

    So, did you get a GoPro HD video camera for the underwater shots?

  2. Father like son.... Bruce. No GoPro, using underwater Lumix HD, great little camera. Tough as nails.