June 17, 2012

A Karate Kid Kind of Fathers Day

VIDEO #391
Song - "Father & Son" by Cat Stevens
(Audio compiled from 4 karate kid movies creates an all new scene between Mr. Miyagi and Danielson who set out on the Sandy River where Danielson will learn how to become a successful fisherman.)

Recently, one fine day in Portland, I came across an old wooden boat model which instantly reminded me of my Dad. He took us boys out on the lake and taught us how to fish. My first rod and reel was a tiny Snoopy pole. I remember a Northern Pike, equal in size to myself sinking my bobber, almost ejecting me from the boat. Thanks to my Dad, I lived to fish another day. 
Around the same time, my nickname was Danielson given to me from the film, Karate Kid. I had the action figures, karate hat I wore if not sporting my Looney Tunes hat and the occasional "Happy Birthday Danielson" birthday cake. It got out of control.
Over 25 years later, a happy accident of finding that wooden boat and my Dad making sure I took the Karate Kid action figures back home to Portland, a perfect fit for a scene that didn't take place in the movies, but kind of did in my own life, came to form. So, here you go Dad, a fun, short little video just for you on Father's Day. Thank you for being my Mr. Miyagi. I love you and you will always be my best buddy.

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