August 10, 2012

People in the Attic

VIDEO #393
It's getting worse over there. This time she's called the police on herself, claiming there are people in her attic and they won't leave. Apparently, three people are up in the attic watching television and having sex on the bed up there (as I quote from the dialogue of the day). As you would suspect, no one was in the attic. To make matters more interesting, she then focuses on a new problem. In an instant, she believes broken glass is covering her legs and has an extremely painful break in her leg with blood everywhere. Enter fire department. No signs of glass or blood. No signs of a broken bone. She demands emergency attention. Enter emergency response. By now we've got the entire staff of Portland's finest across the street tending to a hallucination. Great use of our tax money at work. I'll look for the bill in the mail for her ambulance ride. To conclude, she was back in action the same the evening, shouting "Someone please call 911" followed by rants of rage focused on these people in the attic. Great entertainment, too good to have it interrupted by law enforcement. It gives me a whole new appreciation to the phrase by the great Hunter S. Thompson / Johnny Depp character, "...not yet, I want to study its habits." And yes, that is the opening theme song to the Goonies.

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