September 14, 2012

Larch Mountain Hike

VIDEO #395
Larch Mountain, an extinct volcano in the Cascades, has an amazing view (Sherrard's Point) which, on a clear day, you'll see Mt St. Helens, Hood, Adams, Rainier and Jefferson. If you have it in you to take the roundtrip hike down to Multnomah Falls and back, you will be sore in the morning. More than 14 miles and a 4000+ elevation gain, it's no joke. Worth the effort, especially if it's a clear day.

I just researched what bear poop looks like and it confirms I was hot on the trail of a big motha with a whole lotta poo which was nice and fresh. With that being said, don't hike alone and if you do, bring your kung fu skills!
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