June 23, 2010

A Trip to the Arch

VIDEO #084
Song - "Stir it Up" by Rockabye Baby! (Bob Marley Cover)
Out in Cabo San Lucas, joining the tourists for a cruise around the Arch. We thought we were getting on a relaxing romantic sunset dinner cruise, and in all fairness, it was but what we learned was that after you get to the arch, it's about 45 minutes hanging out in the bay partying down to bad pop music so loud you can't think, tequila shots and male stripping dance-offs. And the thing was, all the boats did this. It was like a competition to see which boat could party harder. Maybe on spring break this works but when you have Montezuma's Revenge and you're on a boat with elderly couples, families and babies crying, it doesn't really make sense to force the concept. Cabo needs to chill.

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