June 5, 2010

Hawaii We Go

VIDEO #066
Song - "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
If you haven't had the opportunity, I would highly suggest visiting Kauai for a week or two... or three. If you are too afraid of flying, I would be more than happy to receive funding for travel to film more and share the footage with you fine people. Please don't send cash as it might get lost in the mail. You can send check, money order and/or email me your credit card number. Haha, that'd be awesome!


  1. Love kauai. My favorite island! We went last may and stayed at the hilton grand resort. Love that there isnt much in the way of chain restaurants, and is still so lush. And the chickens!

  2. LOVE the chickens, I have some funny footage of those guys getting busy on some coconuts, yeah, a beautiful place! Thanks for checking out the vids Jessie!