March 31, 2011

That's A Wrap

VIDEO #365
Various music compiled over the year
Well, this is it. The video to complete the 365 marathon. Excuse me for a second while I scream in excitement.......................... ok, I'm back. For you wondering, 'humm, maybe I should take on a project like this,' here is my 2 and a half cents: I didn't think very far ahead when I committed to this project. It started with the idea I would upload a simple little video and my day would not be affected too much by this endeavor. A couple weeks passed and I was thrilled that I was doing something for myself and that I had an audience I didn't want to let down, even though that audience was somewhere in the ballpark of 2 - 6 people. Somehow a couple months went by. This was the start of a whole new beast.

Around that time, life as I knew it, would be hell. Ok, I'm kidding there but seriously, it wouldn't be too far from it. When you need to be on a computer everyday, upload a video and write a caption is one thing. Just the stress of knowing you need internet access whenever you hit the road can cause an early death (and no, I was not able to upload from my phone and I had not once, scheduled an upload). Let's add lugging around a camera everywhere you go, filming sometimes anything, just in hopes you get something, import footage to the computer, edit that footage, export multiple times for various websites, then begin the upload game. Do that everyday, for one year.... what was I thinking! Hey, I wasn't.

It became a challenge that I could only lose if I gave up. Sure there are many other circumstances that could have prevented me from getting a video made and uploaded... that was part of the challenge which made it interesting. What would it be? If I wasn't going to quit, what or who might stop me? What was this obstacle going to be? It is the last day and I am uploading the final video as I type. I guess what I'm trying to say, or figure out how to put into words is that, I feel very fortunate to have been able to do this and not to have come across a major bump in the road to steer me off this journey. Having my health, support from family and friends and shelter from the rain made the year possible. Without that, my head would have exploded shortly after Dirty Homies (Video #027). My biggest thanks goes out to my sweetheart, Katana, who has put up with not only being filmed at any moment but a year of supporting a sometimes grumpy and tired guy. Thank you sweets. You're the best. So with that I would say, if you are committing to a challenge, make sure the time is right and find support wherever you can. It will help during the hard times.

Thank you, everyone for being a part of these videos, watching, commenting and passing along these silly moments. Please continue to do so as I will continue to create videos and share online, just not everyday. Also, if you've watched this video and did not recognize every character, that means there are videos for you to go back and watch. I'd tell you where to look but that wouldn't be fun now would it? That's it from me for know, again, thank you all! That's a wrap!!!

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  1. Dan,
    I am so damn proud of you and happy for you. Happy for you that you accomplished so much!! And happy for you that you made it to the finish line (of course you did) and are finally FREE! Hot damn we will miss the daily video though:( Keep 'em coming after a good rest!!!