April 4, 2010

The Self Eating Sandwich

VIDEO #004
The first "Video of the Day" request from Dadio is "The Self Eating Sandwich!" I already know what he will say about this:

"What's wrong with this picture? You didn't use the classic white bread. It's the only bread for a PB&J... and you cut the thing wrong, you know better to cut a PB&J diagonally, not down the middle!? What has become of my son?"

I have no excuses for this but to say that here in Portland, us hippies tend to stay away from the white bread and from my experience that whole grain stuff likes to fall apart, hence a cut down the middle for a more square surface area. For this I am sorry to have failed you Papa. In my defense, I have not strayed from the all important Skim Milk to compliment the PB&J. Thanks for the request Dad.

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