October 29, 2010

Man vs Food

VIDEO #212
Victorious Theme Music and "Loser" by Beck
Thursday night is Nacho Night at the Park City Pub up the street from me and it's been a while since I've indulged in the fun. For under 6 bucks, you too can order the belly buster and go through the tasty gauntlet of nacho mania. Oh, and I almost threw up editing this as the memories triggered my gag reflex. It's a good thing my videos don't come in Smell-O-Vision.


  1. Hey Dan... I like your sense of humor. I'm curious, what kind of set up are you using? Hardware and software?

    Thanks... SN

  2. Hi Steve, thanks for the comment. As far as what I've got going on to make this video a day happen, I'm using three different cameras (SD, full HD and smaller compressed HD for on the sly). I bring the footage into my Mac and start up final cut pro where the magic happens. Hope this helps and look forward in hearing back from you. - Dan J