October 8, 2010

Maryhill Wine Tasting

VIDEO #191
Song - "Red, Red Wine" by Neil Diamond
Wine tasting in Oregon and Washington is a huge perk living in the Pacific Northwest. Maryhill is right over the Columbia River from Oregon in Goldendale, WA. They are a higher volume producer than most wineries around the area and have recently added a concert venue to their estate. Now, if you were to drive down the way and drop in to another tasting room, it might not be so elaborate. For example, one of my favorite wineries, Paradisos del Sol in Zillah, WA, is a tiny house you pull up to and meet the owner/winemaker who pours his wine for you. I looked into it and their distribution is pretty minimal but they do ship to Washington, Minnesota and Alaska.... kind of random, huh? All the other 47 states have to make the drive.

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